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Level2 Rabbit MQ Framework

What is it. And why it was created.

The objective of this project is to aid developers to decouple their code by using the marvellous RabbitMQ as a way to integrate well built components. This is an introduction to microservices where you design a very well interface and it's implemented by different robots that do the things in the good way. Keeping apart the complexity of configuring MQ, exchanges and queues.

So this library takes charge of configure the queues, link them to the exchanges by topic, serialize/deserialize your objects and call your method with the right arguments.

We did a previous version of this library where you define a processor and some handlers one for each method you want to implement. This takes a lot of time and obfuscates code since you don't know where to search for certain implementation.

You also uses a lot of time just looking about how to configure things and writing interfaces.

We wanted to simplify all this. And now you only have to extend one class and annotate the methods you want to configure. That's all!

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